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Runaground by the legendary Andy Saunders
Reliant regal chassis mounted inside 146 Monbar speedboat. Fully road legal speedboat, built 1986. One of God's (Andy Saunders) greatest creations and great fun.
Runaground at the Nurburgring for the "Funny Car" race prior to the 2001 German Grand Prix, with skateboarding 'waterskier' 
Runaground with skateboarding 'waterskier'Runaground with skateboarding 'waterskier'Runaground
Skateboarding 'waterskier'Runaground with skateboarding 'waterskier'Runaground

Runaground in Paris filming for the American TV show 'Car Crazy' - see it on here

Runaground at the Beaulieu Motor Museum

Some more press...
BBC Top Gear Magazine Jan 1997
Custom Car Oct 1996
Street Machine Sep 1987
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