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1965 LHD Amphicar

The car is truly amphibious and cost £1,075 when new in the UK. It weighs a ton and looks a little top heavy. It is powered by a Triumph Herald 1,147 c.c. engine mounted at the rear and has a top speed on the road of over 70 m.p.h.


1965 Amphicar

1965 RHD Amphicar

One of only 99 Amphicars originaly made in Right hand drive and believed only 7 remaining . Well known car that was seen having fun at the "Henley Regatta" a few years ago


1965 Amphicar

1965 AmphicarThe 1965 Amphicar is truly amphibious!1965 Amphicar - truly amphibious
The 1965 Amphicar is truly amphibious!
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