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Pedal Cars

Even though we've grown out of them, Dad still wants to buy more vintage pedal cars. These are mostly from the 40s and 50s with a few from the 30s and 60s.


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Vintage pedal cars
Pedal carPedal carPedal carPedal carPedal carsPedal car
Funfair dodgem supercar no. 62
Funfair dodgem supercar no. 30
Funfair dodgem supercar no. 62. Fully restored and repainted. Blue two tone chrome flashing.

Funfair dodgem supercar no. 30. Fully restored and repainted. Red/black with chrome flashing.
1930s French Pedal Car Rare Pedal Cars 1950s Triang Pedal Car

1930s French Pedal Car

Rare Pedal Cars 1950s Triang Pedal Car
1950s Murray Pedal Car 1950s Murray Pedal Car Triang Supersonic pedal car

1950s Murray Pedal Cars, pre-restoration

Very rare Triang Supersonic pedal car
1970s Original Chopper
Pedal Plane
Cast Iron Child's Carousel Horse
1970s Original Chopper
1930s French Pedal CarRare Pedal Cars1950s Triang Pedal Car

1930s & 1940s Restored Bumper Cars
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